2 Year study Aseherah conducted by Orna Ralston

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Orna Ralston
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Second module of Asherah 14.-18. February 2018

Asherah is the name of the great Heaven Queen. Her sacred grove was the birthplace of all things Asherah is also the name of our 2-year training course, Dedicated to the theme of female spirituality.

I awaken every day and with me my femininity. Sometimes I wake up as a harp and sometimes as a kettledrum. Then I weave the sounds collected in the night to a tune. I am praying, I am a temple and I am the chorus of listening and amazed when the beauty outweighs the shame in love


This is an invitation to woman as wisdom holders of sacred and inner knowledge. Knowledge of love and compassion, connection and belonging that is stored in all of us women. It is an invitation to women who want to free themselves for their inner truth and outer coherence. It’s a sensual journey through sound, prayer, stillness, touch and tears of sadness or joy…in the female spirituality and intuition. Orna is well known for creating a safe space for inner change and a peaceful environment which gives you the opportunity to enter your core and arrive home in your body and soul.



Per module € 450.-

Accomodation € 275.

Conditions of participation

The number of participants is limited. It is therefore advisable to applicate early. Participation to a weekend seminar of Orna Ralston is a prerequisite in this course. The definitive decision about your participation is up to Orna. You have to pay a month before the first module .This transfer is a binding registration for the entire training. Once you have registered you are committed to attend all modules. The training begins with the first module on Wednesday 4 October 2017 and ends on Sunday 8 October.

Information and registration

For information and registration you can mail to jennyke Kuiper This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. For your registration please email the following: previously followed workshops, a short motivation letter and a photo of yourself.  For further information please contact Jennyke Kuiper.

Dates of other Ashearah modules are:

3) 30. May - 3. June 2018

4) 17. - 21. October 2018

5) 27. February - 3. March 2019

6) 3. - 7. July 2019


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