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Huni Kuin weekend retreat
Next to the 4-day healing retreat in July the Huni Kuin family will be here also in May for a weekend retreat with two nights of ceremony.

Since 2013 bridging the forest to the west, bringing the Huni Kuin’s to visit the European family, we are truly blessed to have them returning in May and July, 2020 to carry on the profound healings, messages for the planet and tribal teachings, for those of you that attended last year’s retreats with them you will know how profound these sacred traditional circles are!

The Huni Kuin people, or “true people,” as they call themselves, inhabit mostly Brazilian lands in the tropical Amazon, in the Acre estate, but their lands extend to the foots of the Andes in eastern Peru. The Huni Kuin are the largest indigenous population in the Brazilian Amazon, currently living in twelve indigenous lands along seven different rivers: Purus, Envira, Murú, Humaitá, Tarauacá, Breu and Jordão.
They had relatively late contact with the Western world, and even after decades of persecution, managed to keep their traditions alive. They speak Hãtxa Kuin (“true language”) and live in a bilingual reality, where in most villages they can also communicate in Portuguese as second language. They continue to practice sacred rituals with their traditional medicines, performing the traditional baptism of the youth & children’s “Nixpu Pima” and celebrating the harvest and
fertility dance known as “Katxanawa”.
The Huni Kuin people are an ancient tribe that have used sacred medicines for millennia - medicines that for them, link to the ancient spirits of the forest. It enables them to experience a harmonious relationship with the elements of nature - fundamental for the maintenance of their health and spirituality among their community. It is this experience they wish to share with the humanity.

This invitation is an opportunity to spend time with them in authentic retreats, guided with a lot of integrity and in their traditional ways & prayers, where they will share their culture, tradition and knowledge related to indigenous cosmological vision, integral health, spirituality and providing deep experiences of self-knowledge through ceremonies, sacred dances, ancient chants, stories, body paintings, and together with them we will have the opportunity to do a spiritual immersion, healing and personal transformation.
These messengers of the forest bring an important and positive message that points to a new time “Xina Bena”, a time of reconciliation between humans with Mother Nature.
The Huni Kuin receives their knowledge and wisdom over many thousands of years from the forest, the rivers, the plants, the elements, trees and animals. They are the true caretakers & Guardians and protectors of the Amazon Rainforest and their medicines & spiritual traditions.
They come to Europe to spread their messages, love and wisdom and to teach the ancient ways and cosmology of their tribe, and to create the alliance with the European family in order to strengthen the works in each of their villages, and to promote their annual festivals, jungle retreats, and projects in their villages deep in the Amazon Rainforest in Acre Estate in Brazil, In a mission of great importance in nowadays which the forest calls for help to strengthening this Alliance
in order to help & protect the forest, nature and their territories & ancient traditions.

Tadeu Siã Txana Huibei
Tadeu Siã Txana Huibei is a chief & Pajé – Spiritual Leader of the São Joaquim – Centro de Memoria village, located in the indigenous land of Jordão River.
He is one of the sons of the legendary Pajé Agostinho Ikamuru (In Memoriam), from whom he inherited the traditional ancient knowledge & lineage of his
people. Tadeu Siã is a great specialist of ancient stories of his people, studied since early ages with his father, and received a vast knowledge of the medicinal plants
of his people, and sacred chants, on the various rites of the Huni Kuin people, from the Baptism, Nixi Pae, Katxanawa, Pakarin etc.
Tadeu Siã is one of the creators and guardians of the medicinal plants garden of the memorial Center in his village. Tadeu Siã is also a filmmaker, having
already made the documentary Basnẽ Puru Yuxibu, besides collaborating in the production of other documentaries and books about the Huni Kuin people.
In the recent years, he started traveling outside his village in a mission to share the culture and medicines of the Huni Kuin people and assist the humanity in
the healing & awakening, and it will be fi rst time he will be joining the Eskawatã Kayawai family on their annual tour.

Bainawá Huni Kuin is a youth Spiritual Leader from the Pinuya 27 Village, located near Tarauacá city in the Acre estate, Amazon, Brazil, it’s the smallest demarcated Huni Kuin protected land, but they carry a big beautiful knowledge and spiritual culture in their village, Bainawá is the son of the Cacique Assis – Chief of the village and was chosen by the elders from his community to carry on the spiritual tradition from their ancestors, Bainawá is the leader of the Pinu Huya Keneya group, which together they are doing a beautiful work with the youth’s, children’s maintaining and strengthening their spiritual traditions, Bainawá carries within a deep knowledge
from his ancestors on the sacred chants of Nixi Pae and also incorporating the new time & new generation Xina Bena playing beautiful songs with the instruments.

Tuwe Huni Kuin is a Spiritual Leader and one of the Pajés from the Novo Futuro Village, located in the Humaitá River deep in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest of Acre Estate. He works together in his village with Ninawá Pai da Mata guiding the Spiritual works & cultural activities in the community, he began his spiritual studies at
young age, and spend time of his life doing dietas in isolation in the forest, studying and dieting with their sacred plants. Tuwe carries within a deep knowledge from his ancestors on the sacred chants of Nixi Pae, and studies on the medicinal plants & healing work from his tradition. In addition to the masculine Huni Kuin energy we are delighted to have the special presence of the Huni Kuin Kaxinawá feminine energy sharing her knowledge from the tribe, sacred body paintings, sacred songs & chants from the woman’s tradition and supporting the tour with the feminine Huni Kuin energy.

Samia Biruani
Shares her knowledge of the Huni Kuin sacred feminine.

Europe Tour coordinator & facilitator of the retreats & cultural events. Txai Vinicius Romao (Brazil)
Born in São Paulo, lover of the nature and native shamanic cultures, he worked for many years with alternative arts & culture with the organization of festivals. Since 2013 he lives in the city of Tarauacá, in the Acre estate, Amazon, where he has been dedicating his life & work to the indigenous people, most specially with the Huni Kuin - Kaxinawá people. For 6 years he has worked in the co-organization & logistic manager of the Festival Huni Kuin Eskawatã Kayawai Festival, in the Huni Kuin
indigenous land of Rio Humaitá – Novo Futuro village in partnership with Ninawa Pai da Mata and his community. Since 2014 has been developing and implementing infrastructure projects in the Huni Kuin villages, through the Associação Povos da Terra - APOTI and in partnership with international partners, co-creating projects for bettering the life of the indigenous communities, he also organizers Spiritual Retreats and activities for cultural strengthening and ethno-tourism in the indigenous communities, as well facilitating cultural exchanges with Spiritual leaders in Brazil and Abroad, he is one of the members of the Huni Kuin Guardians group in Brazil, and are the main coordinator & facilitator of the tour with the Huni Kuin’s

This retreat includes 2 all night traditional healing ceremonies & sweatlodge (optional).
The program starts Friday 21.00 and finishes on Sunday 13.00.
If you wish, one on one healing sessions, can be booked for 65 ,-.

The price for the whole weekend is 395,-

limited space so make sure you are in by signing in at;
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