Healing Sessions by Michaela


Michaela has joined the Te rongopae healing program as well the Kawa Ariki “The Godess returns” training by the Maori healers in New Zealand 2013, and in 2014 at Maui Hawai. During this session she will use techniques to release old trauma on a mental, fysical, emotional, and spiritual level as well on a sexual level. So your energy can flow again.
Michaela has been trained since 1999 by various indiginous traditional healers. She shares her wisdom with passion, humor and light in a earthy way.
If you are interested in a Deep Body Healing Session or a hot stone massage, read further and/or book a session at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For those who wish to join a Hot stone massage with nicely charged stones from Cabo Verde...

a testemony; Many thanks Michaela for this hot stones massage, it was deep and profound relaxation.

The costs of a massage are 55 euro's.

Here follow testimonials of Ilse and Marleen, who underwent a treatmant by Michaela with enormous effect:

Ilse: "Zelf onderging ik meerdere sessies bij Michaela. Hoewel ik dacht dat ik al een heleboel pijn uit mijn verleden had opgeruimd en patronen doorbroken, bleek dat het mogelijk was mezelf op een nog diepere laag te bevrijden. Alsof er een hele kleine splinter uit de diepte van mijn ziel gehaald is. De pijn in mijn rug die ik al bijna 40 jaar droeg, is verdwenen".

"I underwent several massage sessions by Michalea myself... I thought I liberated myself from a lot of pain and patterns from my past, but it turned out that I could reach an even deeper layer to heal. As if a very small splinter from the depths of my soul has been taken out. The pain in my back that I sufferd from for almost 40 years, has disappeared!"

Marleen: "Ik ging liggen op mijn buik, Michaela ging op mijn billen zitten, hierdoor kon ik zakken, ervaarde ik rust en stilte. De diepe knedingen in mijn kuiten en boven benen raakte mij. Ik voelde veel pijn, kon er naar toe ademen en af en toe Eem schreeuw gaf ruimte. Ik heb echt het idee dat er ruimte is gekomen, beweging. Ik ben diep geraakt door de massage van mijn handen, vingers, voeten, tenen, deze kregen liefdevolle aandacht. Ze werden geëerd voor het werk wat zij doen, maar ook wakker geschud, ze willen bewegen ... Iets creëeren, vooral dat kon ik voelen. De zwaan bij mijn hoofd gaf mjj diepe ontspanning, vertrouwen, rust, ik kon mij overgeven. Het voelde voor mij als thuiskomen in mijzelf en in een hele veilige bedding, met de prachtige energie van Michaela, de sjamaan."

"I laid down on my belly and Michaela sat down on my bottom; this caused a feeling of sinking, rest and quietness.The deeptissue massage on my legs first caused an experience of intense pain but I was instructed to breathe into it and after a cry I felt a huge release and space inside.  Afterwards I felt a lot of space and movement.
I was deeply touched by the massage of my hands, fingers, feet toes that were treated by loving attantion by Michaela; I felt that they were honoured for the work that they do... but also made conscious that they wanted tomove, to create.
The swan by my head gave me a deep relaxation, quietness and trust. The wonderfull energy of Michaela, the shaman made me release totally and I felt like coming home in a soft and safe bed - myself."

A testemonial of Montse;

“As Intense as promised: Michaela put the soles of her feet on mine and I could feel her warmth at all levels. I have to admit that I was a bit anxious about what was coming, and this first contact helped me to relax and trust the process. After a while, when she was sitting on my bottom, I started to feel the tension building up in my knees and lower legs, like something was traveling down my body, becoming more and more restless… I was happy to be reminded to breath several times and was allowed to express whatever came out, which I did with deep noises and complaints when the pain was at its highest intensity… Then tears came peacefully. When Michaela was massaging my ears, neck and head, I opened my eyes and I found hers. It was a joyful moment, we both started laughing which was even more liberating. My body was really awake, tingling sensations inside and out and all over!
There was a deep connection, where my fears, my pain, my joy… everything was welcomed. I was welcomed.”


Hot Stone Massage:

 a testemony; Many thanks Michaela for this hot stones massage, it was deep and profound relaxation. I could feel the release of the tensions in the different parts of my body & I enjoyed the contact of the stones full of that energy offered by the sea & the earth. The first part of preparing the body with the oil before receiving the stones was perfect to open up and ensure the body is ready to welcome the hot stones. Beautifyu time & deep sleep. Gratitude for your time & love in what you do.

Rose Mary Luce

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