Rimke Peppers

 About Rimke
 She’s dancing the 5Rhythms since 2009 and teaching since 2014.

 After a quest of many years she finally found herself back and reunited
with her soul on a 5Rhythms dance floor. Dancing brings her home, home
in this life, home with other people, home in her body. The 5Rhythms are
a way of life, a way to be totally free and connected at the same time.
They provide a map to discover, explore, deepen, play, move and dance!
Dance to awaken the senses of her body, to follow her heart, to quiet
her mind, to enjoy life and to be a channel for Spirit. The 5Rhythms are
truly a life saviour and she heard the calling to pass on this movement
practice. She experienced the power of the body as a gateway for healing
when she practiced yoga more than 25 years ago. After several years she
felt the desire to break free from the asanas and structure of yoga and
conscious dance was her answer and here started her lifelong love affair
with the 5Rhythms. Her dream is to bring this dance of freedom and love
for all creation into the world. It's is a wonderful way to connect and
restore the natural wisdom of the body. And it’s a celebration too!

 Rimke Pepers


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