Sergio Torres Lopez

Sergio Torres Lopez is a Mexican medicine man
Sergio runs the project Raices del Corazon de la tierrra in Nayarit, Tequepexpan to bring back the tradition, songs and rituals of the indigenous people for today's and future generations. Sergio is a very humble man who's senses are wide open. With his perspicuous vision he brings healing to the people as well as connections between places and the nature spirits.


For a healing he will combine several techniques, like acupressure, massage, as well as healing with the crystals. With 35 years of experience he is full of inner wisdom and compassion. A healing session will takes approximately 1 hour

Martial Arts

Sergio is also an international champion in martial arts (Korean Aikido), which he also weaves in every day's live. His way of teaching the martial arts combines concentration, breathing techniques and coordination. This will support the process of healing and connects body, spirit and mind. It is a great honour to work and share time with this medicine man.

Connecting the place

Sergio will help as channel to reconnect the people and place and ask permission to the nature spirit, to help and support them with their project. When nature spirits give their permission to the place it will be blessed and provides the people with a save and inspirational environment. So you can truly experience how spirit move through all that is.

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