Te Kaha

Transformational Teachings from Ngāi Tūhoe

From the mists of Tuhoe...
 "He Maangai Pounamu",
He who speaks the language of Pounamu,
The ancient healing stone of Aotearoa.


Te Kaha is a far-travelled advocate and spokesperson of Ngai Tuuhoe, the first nation people of Aotearoa (New Zealand); representing and sharing some of the ancient knowledge of his people. 

In these times of transition on Earth, his heart-led intention is to be a guide in the transformation and empowerment of others; in the essential reconnection with themselves and with the natural world, as shown to him by his tipuna (ancestors).

The wisdom of his ancestors is clearly perceived within the teachings he shares, and as well as sharing some of this ancient knowledge, he guides by telling his personal story of reconnection with his whakapapa (genetic roots), his ohoake (awakening) from addiction, and how he has come to re-focus his life on the perpetual wisdom and mental liberation, that this reconnection has empowered him with.

Te Kaha and his family live self-sustainably and in natural harmony with their whenua (land) - on a sacred mountain of his people, in the North-Eastern edge of the Urewera, Te Kaha’s tribal homeland. And his wife and collaborator Christina, along with their three wonderful children, play a seamless part in all Pounamu, connections and experiences created.

Always weaving his personal story and perspective into his sharings, Te Kaha offers a variety of talks on the Tūhoe Maori worldview.

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