About Kura Waka

Center for Conciousness, Inspiration  & Personal development


Kura Waka, sacred house of learning [formerly known as Baba Jaga] is located in the North of Holland, in a small village called Roodeschool. Michaela has bought the location, an old school, in 1997 and started to manifest her dream; creating a center for conciousness, personal development and inspiration

Now for over 15 years Kura Waka brings teachers and students together from all corners of the world. The wisdom of the teachers is transferred through courses, seminars, retreats, meditation, sweat lodges, ceremonies and art forms. Their contribution promotes skill and knowledge about nature, health, communication and sustainability. Awareness, healing and personal growth play an important role.

In 2016 the time called for a next step and the Kura Waka Foundation was established. The goal of the Kura Waka Foundation is to create balance in an energy taking and energy generating world. This balance is created from a loving and caring perspective. We don’t judge, we create conciousness. In this way allowing you to unfold your personal development in your own time.

A place to experience, gather, meditate, have ceremony & heal.

Kura Waka offers an amazing program, check the agenda and home-page


Kura Waka in videos

This old video gives an impression of the old days, the other ones are from the more recent programs running at Kura Waka!

Contact Kura Waka

Mieke van der Meer
Hooilandseweg 76
9983 PG Roodeschool

Tel. 0596 516888/06-27561065
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Account number:
NL 45 ABNA 0573763771 t.n.v. Kura Waka