Vision Quest

Centro Awankay and Kura Waka organize a vision Quest in the Sierra de Cazorla with very experienced vision quest quides, Michaela van der Meer and Hermine Steensma.

When your Soul needs the freedom of nature

We organize our Vision Quests within a seven day program. You are prepared on all levels before your time alone in nature. As you return we offer a debriefing to help you carry home all of your experience.

The time alone starts and ends with a Sweatlodge ceremony as a gateway to the other reality. The time alone in nature is a time of fasting, you only drink water. The Vision Quest is part of our every day life and a powerful and sacred time. We guide you in a professional way without interfering in your contact with nature and the spiritual world. We support you to carry home your experience and vision to unfold in your future.